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The Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica is a higher education institution that organizes and conducts studies in the field of religious education, social pedagogy and preschool pedagogy. The study plan includes undergraduate studies, master's and doctoral studies in four departments:

  • Department of Islamic Religious Studies,
  • Department of Social Pedagogy,
  • Department for preschool education and 
  • Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

Master's studies started in 2008/09. year with the enrollment of the first generation of master's studies at the Department of Islamic Religious Studies, and 2009/10. continues with the first generation of master's studies at the Department of Social Pedagogy.

At the Department of Preschool Education, the first generation will enroll in the master's degree program in ac. 2011/12. year, after the end of the first cycle of studies of the first generation, who enrolled in the undergraduate studies ac. 2008/09. years.

Academic, scientific and professional Master's degrees

Upon completion of the master's degree, graduates acquire the following titles:

Department of Islamic Religious Studies – Master of Islamic Religious Studies
Department of Social Pedagogy - Master of Social Pedagogy
Department for Preschool Education - master of preschool education


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Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy