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Head of the Department Asst. Ph.D. Elma Begagić

Email: socialnap@gmail.com

Secretary of the Department Senior ass. M.Sc. Azemina Durmic

E-mail: azeminadurmic@yahoo.com

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Contact Juraja Neidharta 15, 72000 Zenica

Phone/fax: 032 402 919; 032 402 785

The Department of Social Pedagogy, which according to the new organizational structure of the integrated University of Zenica has existed since June 2006, is located at the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica. From its establishment until September 2011, the head of the Department was prof. Ph.D. Edina Vejo. The head of the Department of Social Pedagogy at the University of Zenica from September 7, 2011 to January 31, 2013 was assistant professor. Ph.D. Izet Pehlić.

The teaching-scientific and scientific-research area of work of the Department of Social Pedagogy of the University of Zenica is the organization and implementation of teaching within the first, second and third cycle of studies, the development of scientific-research staff and research and development in the field of social pedagogy.

The Department of Social Pedagogy organizes classes (lectures and exercises) at the Department of Social Pedagogy of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica. In addition, it provides research, conceptual, journalistic support for explaining and affirming the study model of social pedagogy, and thus the set of competencies of graduated social pedagogues.

The Department of Social Pedagogy through the Department of Social Pedagogy and with the support of the management of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica organized graduate social pedagogues and founded the Association of Graduate Social Pedagogues.

Through the Department of Social Pedagogy, the department organized three scientific and professional conferences "System of preventing social exclusion of young people" (2006, 2007 and 2010), two round tables on the professionalization of the profession of social pedagogues (2007 and 2009), in cooperation with the Association of graduated social pedagogues and the Zenica Student Center organized the 1st International Congress of Social Pedagogy Students of Bosnia and Herzegovina "IT'S TIME" (2010).

The department has active cooperation with other departments of the University of Zenica, as well as other scientific and research institutions in the country and abroad.

Members of the Department:

  1.  R. prof. Ph.D. Edina Vejo
  2.  Out. prof. Ph.D. Izet Pehlić
  3.  Asst. Ph.D. Almira Isić
  4.  Asst. Ph.D. Muharem Adilović

In addition to the aforementioned permanent members of the Department, the associates of the Department are all teachers and associates engaged in the implementation of classes in the teaching subjects that are part of the Department.

r.prof. dr. Izet Pajević

r.prof. dr. Alisabri Shabani

v. prof. dr. Amel Alic

v. prof. dr. Mevludin Hasanović

v. prof. dr. Senija Tahirović

Assoc. Ph.D. Suad Orlić

Assoc. Ph.D. Zemir Sinanović

V.AS.Mr. Naira Jusufović


Bilmišće, Zenica 72000

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