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The Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy, in cooperation with the People in Need organization and the Sumero social protection institution, is organizing a round table on the topic "COMMUNITY FOR ALL? Examples of good practices in working with people with disabilities", i.e. in Wednesday, 01.12.2021. at 6:00 p.m.

The following will take part:

* Dean Dr. Muharem Adilović,

* Assistant Minister for Labour, Social Policy and Refugees Edin Arnaut,

* representatives of NGOs People in Need and Sumero,

* self-advocate, user of Sumera services,

* representative of the Center for Social Work, Samir Hrustić,

* Deputy Director of the Zenica Secondary School for Vocational Education and Training, Amira Fejzić

* and the educator who implemented inclusion in the kindergarten, Nisveta Kozlić.

In addition to the mentioned speakers, the guests will be representatives of various associations, local communities, and other interested subjects.


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