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Regular classes at the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica, which, according to the decision of the NNV, will be held in classrooms, will begin on Monday, October 11, 2021.
The obligation of the student representatives every year is to organize the singing of the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of the first lesson, in agreement with the teachers and assistants who have the first class.
Due to the pandemic, instead of a formal class, freshmen will be welcomed by the Dean accompanied by department heads during the first hours of classes.
Heads of departments, through year representatives, will monitor the student's health.
As before, students who have symptoms of a cold do not have to come to class, and it is enough to inform the teachers about it, through the representative of the year, in order to justify it.
Also, professors and assistants with such symptoms can hold classes online, but they should contact the heads of departments and inform the students about this in a timely manner.
In addition to the above, teachers and assistants are given the opportunity, if it is really about larger groups of students, to divide students into two groups that will come alternately, every other week, but with the obligation to send materials to the group that is absent, via the Google classroom platform.

Please remind the teachers and students of your departments about this.

Each teacher is individually responsible for compliance with hygienic and epidemiological measures in the classroom during the implementation of classes.

We wish you and our students a happy start and end of the new academic year.

In Zenica, 08.10.2021. Dean, prof. Ph.D. Muharem Adilović


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