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Based on Article 127, Paragraph 1, Paragraph h) of the Statute of the University of Zenica, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica announces

COMPETITION for the preparation of student scientific research papers in 2021

Every active student of the I, II and III cycles at the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica who meets the following conditions has the right to apply for the subject:

- that he enrolled at least in the third semester of the first study cycle;
- that he achieved an average grade of at least 8.00 (8 and 00/100) during his studies;
- to listen or has listened to subjects in the field from which the subject is applied for.

Interested students should submit the following information in the email along with the submitted work:

-name and surname,
- year of study and index number,
- average grade during studies,
- the name of the subject for which they are applying.

One student can apply for a maximum of one topic.

Scientific research works can be from the following areas:

– Religious education,

– Social pedagogy,

– Preschool upbringing and education,

– Arabic language and literature and

– Inclusive education

Papers are submitted electronically to the email address of the vice dean for scientific research: izet.pehlic@gmail.com.

The deadline for submission of works is July 1, 2021 by 3 p.m. Incomplete or untimely submitted applications will not be considered.

The results of the Competition will be announced on October 1, 2021 at the latest.

Scientific research papers should contain research results that have not been exhibited or published in a printed or electronic version so far.

The competition committee will single out the best work, which will also be financially rewarded.

Also, the competition committee will single out the best works that meet the standards for publication in the Faculty's Proceedings, and works that successfully pass a double secret review will be published in the Faculty's Proceedings.

Papers can be written in Bosnian and English.


Papers must be submitted in Word format, font Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1.5, margins normal, in the volume of 10 to 16 pages, or no longer than 5,000 words or 30,000 characters.

On the first page of the work, in the upper left corner, the first and last name of the author should be indicated, below it the e-mail address of the author.

If sections (subheadings) are created in the paper, one should try to use a maximum of three levels in the paper. Title levels should not be marked with Arabic numerals (1. / 1.1. / 1.1.1.) and different types of letters should be used for different levels:

Bold letters (Times New Roman, size 12)

Bold italics (Times New Roman, size 12)

In plain letters, and the title in italics (Times New Roman, size 12)

The list of used literature, images, tables and graphs that are an integral part of the paper must have a title, source and number.

When referring to the texts of other authors, as well as when quoting them, for the sake of economy and clarity, you should use the citation of sources within the text, i.e. APA. citation system, according to which the literature should be cited at the end of the work.

If the paper is written in Bosnian, a translation of the abstract and keywords in English is submitted after the literature, and if the paper is written in English, a translation of the abstract and keywords in Bosnian is submitted after the literature.

Zenica, January 8, 2021.

Prof. Ph.D. Muharem Adilović


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