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On Thursday, December 24, 2020, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy in Zenica, Prof. Dr. Muharem Adilović, hosted a reception for the most active student user of the library fund, Vahida Jusić, where she was presented with an appropriate award.

Vahida Jusić is a fourth-year student of the Department of Islamic Religious Studies, who was nominated by the University Library of the University of Zenica for an award given by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science to students who have read the most books in the current academic year.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Science awarded Vahida Jusić an award and declared her the most active member of the library of the University of Zenica.

Vahida's example is an indicator that work pays off and that people will know how to recognize the virtuous.

We congratulate our student Vahida Jusić on her success, especially because she is in the group of students of all universities in FBiH who use the book collection and other library services the most!


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