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December 18th is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of the Arabic Language, as one of the most famous and widespread languages in the world, which ranks fifth in popularity today and is studied at more than ninety universities in the European academic area alone. This date is an opportunity to review the status, position and perspectives of the Arabic language both in Arabic and non-Arabic speaking areas, and to determine priorities and guidelines for its further promotion, which should strengthen its establishment as an unavoidable factor in the planning of language policy in the world.

The Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy and the Department of Arabic Language and Literature marked this ceremony in an appropriate way this year as well. Bearing in mind the mandatory epidemiological measures and the online realization of all teaching activities, all teachers and associates of this department held a festive class during their lectures and exercises during the week and certain activities dedicated to this event were realized. The importance of the Arabic language as an inseparable part of our cultural, religious and traditional identity was particularly emphasized, and the need to strengthen the interest of students in primary and secondary schools in studying it together with other foreign languages was pointed out. Through their literary essays and poetry in Arabic, the students also expressed their support for this festive event.

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