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Are you a student and have free time or are you currently going to university and still have no plans for summer 2021?
Want to make your first money?
To travel to world-famous destinations?
To improve your skills and dare to do something completely different?

If your answer is YES or at least tickles your fancy a little, we invite you to join us at our Online Meet Up on 17.12. (THURSDAY) at 15:00 and find out detailed information about how and in what way you can apply to some of our programs.

1) Work Holiday Germany

You can travel to Germany for only 150 euros, work for 90 days in super positions and super paid hourly wages, and all without a visa, because you get your work permit directly from our partners and companies from Germany.

2) Work and Travel USA

We've all heard of this amazing program. Already in your early 20s, you have the opportunity to live in America for 5 months as a student, to work as a full-fledged American citizen and to travel around this film country.

Date and time: 17.12. (THURSDAY) at 3:00 p.m
Location:  ZOOM
Login via link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gfAB9uL23tViPYfJWDb4pIovorrXjRuX2QKP8b1ttYA/edit



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