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The fact that the graduates of this faculty work in numerous fields (religious teachers, pedagogues, professors, educators in kindergartens and social institutions, translators, etc.) speaks of the fact that the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy in Zenica has become a respectable modern educational institution. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as around the world.

Diplomas with professional titles obtained at the departments and study groups of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy in Zenica are recognized in many countries (Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Sweden), and the latest good news comes from Luxembourg, where the diploma of Fikret Kalabić was recently recognized. who defended his master's thesis in the middle of July this year at the Department of Islamic Religious Studies and obtained the title of master of religious education.

The Ministry of Education and Culture in the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Ministère de I' Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche – Grand-Duche Luxembourg) recognized the diploma of Fikret Kalabić, second cycle of studies (master's degree) of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy in Zenica, Department of Islamic Religious Studies. In the decision of the mentioned ministry, number 03120-2020, which is signed by the adviser of the ministry, Mr. Christiane Huberty, Fikret Kalabić's diploma is certified and his professional title is verified: master of religious education.

Kalabić Fikret was born in 1970, to father Zajka and mother Šaha, in the village of Rujnica-Jolde, municipality of Zavidovići. He completed primary and secondary school in Zavidovići, and then the Gazi Husrev-bey madrasa in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Islamic Faculty of Pefdagos in Zenica in 2018, and defended his master's thesis at the same faculty in mid-July 2020 on the topic: "The role of parents in increasing children's access to school education in Luxembourg."

Lives in Luxembourg since 2001. He is employed as an imam in Luxembourg, in the AIWL-WILTZ congregation. He speaks German and French. He is married and the father of one child


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