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On the basis of the Rulebook on awarding scholarships, the Agreement on Cooperation with Beytuzzekat from Kuwait and the Decision of the Board of Directors, the "Bosniaks" Fund is announcing a Competition for awarding 65 scholarships to students in the first and second cycle of studies at public higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. You can download the scholarship competition at: http://fondbosnjaci.co.ba/dokumenti/konkurs-2020/bejtuzzekat_kuvajt_2019_2020.pdf
  2. You can download the candidate scoring system for awarding scholarships (Form: SBBZ-2) at: http://fondbosnjaci.co.ba/dokumenti/konkurs-2020/s_b_bz_%202019_20_ba.pdf
  3. You can download the scholarship application (Form: ZBZ-2) at: http://fondbosnjaci.co.ba/dokumenti/konkurs-2020/zbz_2_bejtuzzekat_kuvajt_2019_20.pdf

Candidates who have applied for a scholarship from the funds of the "Bosniaks" Fund for this academic year, but have not exercised their right to the same, nor have they received a scholarship from another legal or physical person in the meantime, can only submit a new application related to the award of a scholarship from the funds Beituzzekata and a written statement that they have not established a marriage union.


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