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On the organization of the Rijaset Operational Team for the fight against gambling and the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica, on December 11, 2019, a one-day scientific and professional conference "Possibility of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Prevention of Gambling Addiction" was held in the hotel "Zenica" in Zenica. . The patron of the Conference was the Council of Muftis of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the ceremonial part of the opening of the Conference, the dean of the Faculty of Islamic Pedagogy of the University of Zenica, prof. Ph.D. Muharem Adilović.

On behalf of the city administration of the City of Zenica, the mayor, Mr. Fuad Kasumović.

On behalf of the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton, the Minister of Education, Prof. Ph.D. Spahija Kozlić.

On behalf of the Rijaset of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the envoy of the reis-l-uleme, Mufti of Zenica, Assoc. Ph.D. hfz. Mevludin Dizdarević opened the working part of the Conference.

The leaders of the Conference project were prof. Ph.D. Muharem Adilović and Prof. Ph.D. Izet Pehlić.

The aim of the Conference

It is not unknown that religious communities largely seek and find the space of their engaged activities, in accordance with their constitutive nature, within the social domain of society. The Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina strives to recognize, make socially visible and react to contemporary challenges and opportunities. One of today's challenges that requires systemic reflection and effective response is the social problem of gambling addiction, which is very widespread in Bosnia and Herzegovina. society, present to the extent that it attributes the everyday life of this society.

It is precisely the cultural constellations that cover this problem to the point that society gets used to its presence and the social struggle against the negative dimensions of the problem is absent, which initiates the organization of this conference scientific research project.

The aim of the conference project is to shed light on the dimensions of the phenomenon of gambling addiction in Bosnia and Herzegovina. society and initiate processes and social mechanisms of systemic, effective, socially mature coping and problem solving.

The Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina strives to be recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. to society as a factor that opens up the manner of insisting on very measurable positive outcomes in dealing with the emergence of gambling addiction, in terms of: establishing epidemiological statistical bases of the frequency and dynamics of the number of addicts (age, educational status, demographic characteristics), developing a preventive strategy to fight against this addiction, and in general, improving the conditions for young people to grow up and achieving favorable development outcomes.

The Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina does not at any moment want to approach the problem of gambling addiction without being sensitive to the phenomenon of stigmatizing these people, on the contrary, it wants to give its deeply human contribution to understanding and helping to solve this individual and social problem.

Thematic domains of the Conference:

  1. Theological aspect of understanding gambling addiction – prof. Ph.D. Halil Mehtić
  2. Scientific theoretical and empirical knowledge about the determinants of problem gambling - prof. Ph.D. sc. Almira Isić-Imamović, dr. sc. Azemina Maglić
  3. Social policy and public health strategies in relation to the gambling phenomenon - prof. Ph.D. sc. Muharem Adilović
  4. Psychosocial determinants of youth gambling - prof. Ph.D. sc. Anela Hasanagić, prof. Ph.D. sc. Izet Pehlić, M.Sc. sc. Esved Kajtaz, M.Sc. sc. Indira Prguda
  5. The phenomenon of gambling in the context of mastering everyday life - prof. Ph.D. sc. Edina Vejo, assistant professor Ph.D. sc. Elma Begagić, Eldar Ćerim, Lejla Škoro
  6. Socio-demographic aspects and characteristics of dice, betting and games of chance among Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina - dr. sc. Ahmed Kulanić and Assoc. Ph.D. sc. Selvira Draganović
  7. Literary thematization of the cube problem - value approach - doc. Ph.D. sc. hfz. Mevludin Dizdarević
  8. Treatment of gambling in the monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity - Dr. sc. hfz. Elvir Duranović
  9. Prevalence of playing games of chance among high school students and the importance of religiosity as a prevention factor - M.Sc. sc. Emina Babić, M.Sc. sc. Amir Čustović, Ph.D. sc. Meliha Brdarević-Šikić, Ph.D. sc. Mirnes Telalović
  10. The practice of gambling (maysir) at the time of the revelation of the Qur'an – dr. sc. Senad Ceman


After the Conference, the Proceedings will be created, which will contain the conclusions and recommendations of the Conference for further action.


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